DECORCONTRERAS counts on a human group with expertise as producers and exporters in this sector. Quality and innovation are the pillars that support our products’ development.

INKA MAKI is a Quecha term which means “hands of the Inca”. These words define out work as proud heirs of this thousand-year culture.

Our products are customized according to our customers’ demands and preferences, by applying traditional and modern designs. Our product lines are customizable, adaptable to the International market demands. We can fairly say that our products are sold in companies known by their high quality demands, both in the National and International markets.

Edmundo Contreras, creator and founder of the ARTESANIAS INKA MAKI SAC/DECORCONTRERAS Company, works with the Andahuaylas style. He works in painted glass and applies a technique that is traditional and modern at the same time. His motifs go from Hispanic, colonial and ethnic to those based on the Andean world and fauna.

EDMUNDO CONTRERAS started working in the painted glass handicraft field. He participated in several events as «ARTESANIAS CONTRERAS IMPORT & EXPORT» and was awarded with: